My CV is available in both Word and  PDF format. I have worked for a number of large and small organisations working on a range of electronic systems.

I am an experienced electronics engineer who has worked a number of complex digital and mixed signal boards. Systems I have worked on have ranged from industrial control equipment for Rockwell Automation, sewer and pipe investigation equipment for Pear Point / Radio Detection part of SPX, and previously for use at CERN and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. These projects have included large data processing systems, where I have designed part of the analogue front end and the card power distribution such as the CMS FED , and a further paper here down to ESD issues with cameras in plastic pipes.

I have worked with some customers who have had major board design, configuration and EMC issues using FPGA technology, one major OEM achieved significant cost reductions having implemented my comments. I have worked on projects where I have had to look at the basic principles why a product was failing in the field, and provide fixes, this has involved working in a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, software, electrical and electronic engineers, the resulting improvements in the reliability of the product made a improvement to the product failure rates by orders of magnitude.

There have been other smaller but still important cards such as HOTWAXS and HOTSAXS detector systems for Diamond, Daresbury Laboratory and ISIS. I have also designed a major part of the extension to the timing system on a large physics experiment, ISIS target station 2 I have also worked previously at DERA Malvern on radio systems.

I have used a number of different FPGA and CPLD devices from Microsemi Xilinx and Altera. Some of my recent work has been using the Igloo2 device from Microsemi,. The Igloo2 part has been used because it is a flash based part and thus immune to single event upsets. The HOTWAXS cards were built round a Spartan 2E and with the front end pulse discriminator using ALTERA MAX 7000 series. I have used Mentor Graphics HDL Designer, simulated using Modelsim, and PSPICE , and also used the following synthesis and place and route tools: Libero, Quartus and Simplify ME

I have carried out some small C projects, particularly the design of a distributed sensor readout system using RS485 at nearly 1 Mbaud and 32KHz ADCs. The target processor was the ARM cortex-m0 from NXP the LPC1226 . The LPC tool chain (LPCExpresso) from code red software is free for commercial use and is based on Eclipse. I have also implemented the readout of a smart meter, the NEMO 96 HDL using the open source Modbus library . The project is currently on a PC but the plan is to move it to a Raspberry PI and then perhaps a micro controller. The output data can be seen here.